Vanita Sansom and Kelli Dillard have been helping families buy and sell homes in the Dothan area for years. They have now created their own real estate company to better serve their clients and the Dothan community.

When it is time for you to buy or sell a home in the Dothan area, put the Dothan Real Estate Team to work for you.

If you’re selling click here to learn more about the process and how to ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price possible.

If you’re buying click here to discover how to find your next dream home and get it, without overpaying.

“I have purchased 9 houses through Vanita and Kelly in the Dothan area since 2005. There is a reason I continue to use the Dothan Real Estate Team as the go to experts for all of my real estate needs . Vanita, Kelly and the rest of their team are top notch professionals that know the area, the market, and best of all, how to take care of their client ensuring that they get the best deal possible. Every i is dotted and t crossed, smooth, enjoyable and seamless process from start to finish. Could not give a higher recommendation. Thank you.” – David Davis

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Kelli Dillard

Vanita Samson


The Dothan Real Estate Team is a member of LuxuryHomes.com, realtor.com and porch which allows them to market your property to home buyers who are looking to buy in this area.

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